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Posterbill offers alternative modes of advertising including:
Stencilling, Decals, Stickers, Coffee Cups, Lunch Bags, Coasters, Peer To Peer Marketing, Letterbox Drops
Indoor AdvertisingIndoor AdvertisingIndoor Advertising
indoor advertising

Poster & Brochure Distribution
We distribute posters and brochures to our network of over 600 venues including cafes, bakeries, bookshops, restaurants, fashion outlets, music shops, record stores and shopping centres. All locations are consenting business places we have developed a friendly relationship with and no posters are placed illegally. In approximately 180 of these locations, we have dedicated perspex brochure racks which keep materials tidy, visible and appealing to the eye. There are five Distribution Zones across Brisbane and we also have established networks on The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba and Northern NSW. Please see the geography page for further detail.

Booklet Distribution (Major festivals & arts organisations programs)
For larger publications, we create customised distribution lists based on the requirements of your campaign. This distribution approach is particularly effective for Major Festival Events where the program needs to reach a much wider geographic area, specialised niche locations and ‘blanket coverage’ of designated ‘hot’ suburbs or areas. We take an individual approach to all campaigns of this nature so please contact us for more in-depth information.

Custom Distribution
We have detailed and up-to-date databases of Arts organisations, art galleries, backpacker hostels, Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander cultural & support networks, women’s groups/organisations, medical centres and many more which can be utilised for specialised distribution. In addition to this, we can cover any area in Brisbane where you need to focus your campaign if these are not already included in any of our existing networks.

Band Express Distribution
Every week, we cover 200 key locations in the high-traffic suburbs of West End, The City, Fortitude Valley, Paddington and New Farm with music and band posters only. This run is a fast (Tuesday to Friday), no-nonsense run targetted to key cafes, music shops, record stores, rehearsal spaces, studios & fashion outlets. It is a budget-priced and effective way to cover the all-important inner city areas for your next gig."

Promo CD / Complimentary Ticket Distribution
Distributing free promo CD’s can be a very effective method of getting the music of an emerging artist playing in cafes. We take the time to target appropriate locations who will play your CD. Similarly, distributing free movie tickets can help encourage the all-important word-of-mouth element to a marketing campaign. It’s usual to distribute these items in conjunction with a poster/flyer campaign to maximise the impact of the campaign. Also, Posterbill offers distribution of CD’s and complimentary tickets free of charge.

We can advise you (over the phone or in person) on print quantities, dimensions, scheduling and geo-demographics for your campaign. Generally, there is no fee for basic advice of this nature however, if specialised databasing is required for your campaign, we may charge a consultancy fee.

Deadline to deliver materials to Posterbill is:
4.30 pm Monday in the week of distribution.
If your delivery arrives after this time, your booking will be shifted to the following week

Delivery Address: Unit 14/55-61 Holdsworth Street, Coorparoo QLD 4151.
We accept deliveries in business hours only - Mon-Fri / 9.00am-4.30pm.

See our printing and artwork specifications page for information regarding print formats and technical requirements.

For more detailed information on pricing and any of these services, please contact us.